Meal Prep 101

The key to successfully following through with any plan is preparation. This seems all too simple, when you think about it in business terms. So, why does this idea become so clouded when we think of it in terms of healthy eating? I’m for sure throwing myself into this category, as well.  It’s so easy to tell ourselves the importance of eating healthy and we even have every intention to do so. But what steps do we take to get there?  Just thinking about it gets us nowhere fast. We have to put a plan into action in order to yield the results we want.

Step 1: Meal Prepping.

The first step is definitely the simplest and yet the easiest to skip over entirely. It’s so easy to tell ourselves “oh, I’ll just grab a salad” or “I’m sure I’ll be able to find something healthy.” The unfortunate reality of this is that we are all in a hurry. When the time comes, we are all busy and will talk ourselves out of finding that healthy meal because we are just “too busy”. We also have the strange ability to convince ourselves that fried chicken sandwich is healthy because of the whole wheat bread and all that lettuce piled on top. Funny how hunger tricks the mind into such silly assumption, but we all do it. Well, most of us that is ;)

So, getting to the point, planning ahead is the best and most effective step we can take. I know this seems a little tedious and time consuming, at first. However, once you have a few go-to recipes up your sleeve, you will be able to prep like a pro!! Trust me. It’s much simpler than you’d think. To start you off on your meal prepping journey, I’d like to share will y’all one recipe that I used just this week. It’s a fuss-free, one pan, easy clean up, tasty & filling meal that is perfect for prepping on the weekend.

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