Have you ever heard someone say they are “hangry”? You know, those people who get hungry and all bets are off. Yep! Chances are you have a handful of friends that immediately come to mind. Anyone who knows one of these people, or maybe is one of these, knows how important it is to snack and snack often. As prominent as that feeling is for many, there is also another state some experience when those hunger pains appear.  For some, migraines are triggered when the body’s blood-glucose levels drop too low. The best way to prevent this type of migraine is also one of the simplest…. Snacking! I know it is sometimes inconvenient or down right impossible to stop everything you’re doing to find something to nibble on, especially when your days consists of running here, going there, working on this, and then doing that. Now let me clarify, this by no means implies just grabbing whatever type of snack you can find. The key is to fuel your body with quality food. Your best bet is to plan ahead and throw a few healthy, quick & easy to-go snacks in your bag as you head out the door in the morning. Yes, it does take a little effort, but you’ll be thankful when you’re able to skip that next migraine.

Protein bars are great snack foods that are easy to prepare, mess free options making them the perfect choice when snacking in the car or on the run. Here is a scrumptious recipe that you are sure to love. The best part is that this recipe can easily be altered to fit any migraineur’s diet. This recipe calls for peanut butter, but can easily be substituted for any nut butter, soy butter, hemp-seed butter, or tahini.


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