What's Hiding in My Food!?

Robyn O’brien has been named the “Erin Brocovich of Food” and rightly so. Recently, I have been watching her TED talks and reading up on the work that she has done. As a Nutrition enthusiast, I’m was not only inspired by her courageous efforts in food labeling transparency, but I’ve also learned a lot by simply listening to what she had to say about GMO’s, Food Allergies, and the American Food System.

If you haven’t heard about her before, Erin Broc – err, I mean Robyn O’brien is a wife and mother of four, and successful advocate of honest labeling laws. As a food allergy Mom, she has dedicated her life to standing up and doing something about the 50% rise in food allergies over the last decade.

Photo credit: Robyn O'Brien

Photo credit: Robyn O'Brien


Here are things I have learned, or re-learned from Robyn O’brien:

1.)   The top 8 allergens are also the most altered foods (hormones, GMO’s…it goes on) in the US.

Remember: buying organic is currently the only way to ensure that is it GMO-free.

2.)   Many US food manufacturers must change their formulas for their products that are sold in other countries because those countries have stricter laws on food additives and ingredients.

Always read the label – can you pronounce everything that’s on there? Some of those ingredients have been deemed “unsafe” by other countries.

3.)   Our food system affects everyone – not just those who have food allergies. Just because we may not have an IgE-mediated reaction doesn’t mean what we’re eating is safe for our bodies. Listen to your body – how does yours feel after you eat processed food versus wholesome, fresh, and natural food?

I encouraged all of you to visit her website to learn more about Food Allergies and or food system: http://robynobrien.com/