Tip of the Week: The Diet Diary

Photo credit: moleskine.com

Photo credit: moleskine.com

Writing in a diary can be quite tedious, but the rewards pay off immensely. Each memory preserved, every thought recorded, a life chronologically laid out in ink. One of my greatest regrets is not keeping a diary as I grew up. For this blog we will be discussing a different kind of diary though, one that can be beneficially multi-faceted. I speak of a food journal aka diet diary. Our latest Tip of the Week featured Marquel as she created a food journal to track what she ate each day. Regardless of what you call it, they are easy to make and can be an amazing resource. From tracking calories to monitoring possible migraine triggers to documenting your culinary adventures, you can have it all in one place. In today's blog post I have provided a few great steps for how to make the perfect journal. 

There are two main ways to create a food journal. The first is writing it like a journal and the second is turn your diet in to a spreadsheet of sorts. I prefer the spreadsheet route as I am naturally Type A and OCD, but both have their advantages. When creating a journal make sure to document everything that you eat, for every meal. Here are some great tips for making your journal even better:

  • Make sure to record not only the product name, but the brand as well
  • Pay close attention to the serving size as they can be quite tricky, and then write down the correct amount of servings 
  • Tally the top five detriments: calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates and sugars
  • Do not forget to tally up the good things as well, such as proteins and fibers
  • Take into consideration what you are doing while you eat as well
  • Write down any odd interactions as a result of a certain food
  • Document your total amount of exercise in hours, and what forms of exercise
  • Try to describe how you feel when eat, whether it is anger, happiness or boredom
  • Sum up the total each day and begin looking for trends and triggers as the weeks progress

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