So delicate. So delicious.

In my very first ContentChecked blogpost I told you guys about some of my favorite gluten free snacks. All of them were sort of healthy, and although I try to be healthy I do have somewhat of a sweet tooth and I definitely have some favorite non-healthy gluten free treats too! To be honest, “some” is quite an understatement. I love cake. And brownies. And cookies. And ice cream. And…you get the point! But all-time favorite gluten free treat is this delicate almond meringue pastry that can sometimes be difficult to find and always difficult to bake – macarons!


There are so many things I love about macarons! For once, I’ve never encountered a place that sold or served macarons that weren’t gluten free, since it’s basically just an almond meringue with a creamy filling. And with it becoming more and more popular there is always a greater chance now of finding a gluten free treat at cafés and restaurants.


The second thing I love about macarons are that they’re so delicate and light so you can eat a bunch of them without feeling too sick! If you’re like me and can’t stop eating until you finished the entire box of cookies, this is the perfect treat. Yes it comes with an unhealthy sugar rush (and accompanying crash) afterwards, but it’s so worth it. Yum!


I’ve tried baking macarons a few times before and after a couple of times it does get a bit easier, but it’s still extremely time consuming and I’ve never been able to get a perfect batch of macarons. If you’re up for a challenge though I suggest you find a recipe that uses French meringue (over Italian) and follow the recipe from start to finish! Don’t try to experiment, at least until you’re fully confident with baking macarons. Like I said they’re extremely delicate and incredibly easy to mess up. But they’re amazing when you get them right!


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