Home is Where your Allergy-Free Kitchen Definitely is

When it comes to Food Allergies, especially those with multiple or severe (or both!), eating out and buying food is HARD. After all, that's why ContentChecked exists. 

But the ultimate peace of mind is cooking at home, which many families prefer or are forced to do. Did you know that eating at home is much healthier for you and your family anyway? Not only is it easier for families with food allergies, but it's also much healthier - nutritionally, mentally and emotionally for your family!

When you cook at home you have....

1.) Control over your kitchen and your ingredients

2.) You can get creative in your kitchen - an opportunity to include the entire family.

3.) You get to sit down with your family, knowing that what you've made is safe and healthy. 

For a worry free dinner at home, try this nutritious Carrot Ginger Curry Soup! I used to make it all the time when I was Vegan in High School, and just recently bought a similar soup from Trader Joe's for my lunch this week. Although I love my TJ's soups - nothing beats a home-made soup!

This recipe is for a bulk batch (9-12 servings)


1/2 lbs peeled carrots (chopped to chunks)

4 medium sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped to chunks)

1.5 large sweet or yellow onion (chopped)

4-5 cloves garlic (chopped)

1L chicken or vegetable broth

1/8 cup fresh ginger 

salt, pepper, and curry seasonings


Bring vegetable broth to a boil in one large pot

Add carrots, ginger, and sweet potatoes

In a medium pan, sautee onions and garlic until soft, add to pot

Add seasonings (be generous!), cover, and lower heat

Let boil down until carrots and potatoes are very mushy

Cover and turn off the heat

Let cool to room temperature and transfer soup to a blender or food processor

Blend until smooth and creamy