How far (up your nose...) would you go for Migraine relief?

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If you've been a migraineur all your life, you might already know about the local anesthetic tool, patented in 2010 called TX360. Now, I'm not an advocate of this brand, nor do I know anyone who has tried it. But I did recently come across some articles about the tool, and I thought it was worth buzzing about.

It sounds futuristic, but it might be a little more frightening than anything. It's a disposable catheter (looks like a syringe with a bendy needle), that the doctor can insert up the nasal passage, delivering anesthetics to the Sphenopalatine Ganglion (basically a cluster of hard-to-reach nerve cells). 

Numbing these nerve cells could, and have shown to reduce the pain and duration of migraine. This is because the delivery of medicine by the tool attacks a main source of the pain, which also means it works almost immediately. 

Unfortunately, the treatment doesn't last forever, and it's not a cure. However, this TX360 may be worth discomfort of having a long needle stuck up your nose. Just...try not to sneeze.