Food Intolerance but unaware? This could be you...

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Ever wonder why you get gassy and bloated after eating your favorite dish at your weekly restaurant? Or why sometimes your meals make you sleepy and sluggish? Your body may be trying to tell you's not so happy with what you're feeding it.

Here are five tips to find out if you have an intolerance to certain foods:

1.) Your tummy aches - all the time!

A "gurgly" stomach, uncontrollable gas, bloating like someone inflated a balloon in your intestines, and even diarrhea are all symptoms of an intolerance. Make note of when these "tummy ache" symptoms occur, and trace it back to what you had to eat throughout the day.

2.)  Track your food - find the culprit

Yes, we Nutritionists sound like a broken record, but there is a reason for it: it works. Tracking your food will not only make you more aware of your food choices (are they aligned with your health goals?), but also can lead to you the answer of what food is making you sick.

3.) Keep an eye out for patterns - you may not think it's food!

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed lactose-intolerant. She rarely had dairy, but noticed that whenever she got on a flight, she got uncomfortably sick. Of course, she just thought her body didn't like the altitude. Turns out, it was the lattes she was having before every flight. 

4.) Headaches - listen to your whole self

It may not just be your stomach that is hurting after you eat something your body can't digest. you may get headaches or just feel a general malaise. Refer back to tip #2....I told you it's the key!