Six Celebrities You Didn't Know Have Food Allergies

    Hey, look at that! Celebrities are humans, too! But honestly it’s so great to see those with food allergies excel. It’s the perfect reminder to never let food allergies get in the way of success. Ever need a quick reference for your children? Check out this list!

1. Zooey Deschanel

    Zooey, the star of many feature films and the hit sitcom New Girl has numerous food allergies including eggs, dairy, and gluten.


2. Serena Williams

    The multiple world-champion tennis player has a severe peanut allergy and is prone to going into anaphylactic shock. She constantly has to look out for cross contamination in food labelling.


3. Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob is allergic to dairy, wheat, and shellfish. So what does he eat? Meat, fruits, and veggies. All fresh!


4. Halle Berry

    Catwoman is allergic to shellfish. How about that? What’s really interesting is that she developed this allergy as an adult. A reminder that food allergies can arise at any time!

5. Drew Brees

    This Super Bowl Champion is allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs. Like Thornton, Brees eats a lot of fresh foods to stay healthy.


6. Ray Romano

    The star from Everybody Loves Raymond has a peanut allergy, and like Serena, he is very prone to anaphylactic shock.


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