Adventuring with Migraines.

Hey everyone my name is John and I have had on and off migraines for many years. They have ruined many a good time and have caused many difficulties at school during adolescence. Now that I am older I do not get them as often as I used to, but they creep up on me every once and while when I do not get enough sleep. I am one for long camping trips and traveling across the country on hiking excursions, therefore I am met with lots of weather changes, light fluctuations and of course, little sleep. It is when I am enjoying myself on these trips that the migraines find themselves able to take over if I am not careful.

Q: What is your best companion for relieving migraines?

The best environment is sleep and warm air, the best companion; my cats of course. 

Q: What is your most unusual symptom(s)?

Color fluctuations when the vision begins to become blurry.

Q: What is your best method for relief?

Just relaxing with a cool drink. Oddly enough, when the migraine passes I like to read. Takes my mind off of the pain and helps me quickly forget that it was there.

Q: Do you have any unavoidable triggers and how do you cope with them?

When camping; the sun, weather and lack of sleep. Although, lack of sleep while camping does not seem to affect me as much as lack of sleep in a house. 

Q: What is your worst trigger?

One of the above three. 

Q: When was your first migraine and what was it like?

I do not really know, perhaps camping in junior high. It was a minor migraine. 

Q: What was the duration of your longest migraine, and your shortest?

Longest was probably 45 minutes, shortest 10 minutes. I suppose that I am quite fortunate. 

Q: What type(s) of migraines do you suffer from? 

Ocular and sinus primarily.

Q: Have you made any changes in your life to prevent migraines or to mitigate their effects?

None, really. Better sunglasses, stay hydrated, try to mitigate effects of weather changes.

Q: Medication or homeopathy? 
I do not believe in using medication for a migraine personally. I prefer to try using natural solutions first. 

Q: What types of food triggers have you experienced, if any?


Q: What types of triggers from beverages have you experienced?


Q: Do you notice that different triggers cause different types of migraines?

No, not to any great effect. I suppose weather affects sinus and light/sleep affect ocular. 

Q: What advice can you provide others?
Enjoy life, even if it means that you might get a migraine. Do not let them prevent them from enjoying the great outdoors especially. 


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