Hyperthyroidism and Me

My name is Marie and I have hyperthyroidism. I know that this is not an allergy per se, but it is very detrimental to my life. Soy is the culprit for me. If I eat too much it can have profound implications on my thyroid levels and behavior.  Per an article I found out that consumption of 1 ounce of soybeans over three months can lead to the enlargement of the thyroid gland and which can suppress thyroid function. I am a vegetarian via my son's influence, and it is difficult to find alternatives for meat that are as useful as soy it seems.Life can be difficult, but I cope with it. 

Q: Who understands your food allergy requirements the most and how do they help you in particular?

A: My family, in particular my son. I developed Hyperthyroidism a few years ago and it has progressed a little, but is now thankfully under control. My family has been very supportive of me. 

Q: What product(s) are you most surprised contain an allergen?

A: Not really surprised by many of the products, just that soy is extremely prevalent and I have to watch out. I do sneak a little soy in every once and while though. I just have to limit myself. 

Q: What is your favorite food allergy-friendly meal?

A: Soy burgers. I feel bad with the fact that my son feels guilty when he eats them (and all of the other soy products out there) in front of me. I do not like imposing my diet upon others, even indirectly. 

Q: What foods are the most difficult to part with knowing your specific allergy requirements?

A: Soy-based products. And now I am cutting out gluten for health/fitness reasons. 

Q: When were you first diagnosed and how did it feel to find out?

A: A few years ago in 2012. It was shocking at first. I never thought that I would have such a thing, especially as there is without a hereditary correlation. 

Q: Have you ever had an allergic reaction? What did you do to combat it and what was it like?

A: No.

Q: Have you made any changes to your life to prevent contact with food allergies or to mitigate their effects?

A: I cut out soy from my diet. Now I have cut out gluten as of two months ago. I feel much better. I always wonder what food will be a thyroid-aggregator next, and that worries me. 

 Q: What advice can you provide others?

A: Keep a food journal. I have friends that have used them and they have helped out tremendously, not just for dietary restrictions, but fitness goals as well. 

Q: Medication or homeopathy?

A: I prefer homeopathy, but I have to use medication to keep the hyperthyroidism under control. 

Q: Are there others in your life who have allergies? If family, has it been proven genetic?

A: No. That is why I was clueless when I was diagnosed. 

Q: Is it difficult to find allergy friendly foods while eating out?

A: Not always, especially with the prevalence of soy.

Q: How accommodating are friends and family in social situations (either finding a place to eat or when making food at home)?

A: They provide suggestions and sometimes do not eat foods that I avoid, for their benefit and mine. 

Q: Is the community surrounding your specific food allergy embracing and active? What level of involvement had you had in the community?

A: It is growing I suppose. I am not really involved. Now that you have mentioned this, I am going to look into communities in more detail. In particular, to look for other thyroid-stimulating foods. 



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