Five Nut Butter Substitutions You May Have Never Thought Of Before

Have a child that is allergic to tree nuts? It can be difficult at times to avoid nut butters whether you’re making sandwiches, baking goodies, whipping up smoothies – whatever! Here’s a list of butters you probably never thought of substituting.


1.    Pumpkin Butter

That’s right! Butter made with lovely pumpkin puree. This is a very unique recipe – one that takes a little time and love. It goes very well with sandwiches, as spreads, and in smoothies. If you’re looking for a fantastic, sweet and savory butter this is a great way to go!

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2.    Apple Butter

This is another butter that errs on the sweeter side – the MUCH sweeter side. Apple Butter is a fantastic addition to desserts because of its rich and bold flavor. Definitely something to try out!

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3.    Coconut Butter

If you or your child can handle coconut, this is an awesome substitute to try out. It has a very creamy texture and it tastes amazing! 

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4.    Soy Nut Butter

Soy nuts (which are not tree nuts) are a splendid source of protein. I highly recommend using this as a spread and in sandwiches!

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5.    Sesame Seed Butter (Tahini)

Not going to lie, Tahini is spectactular. Plus, sesame seeds are an incredible source of nutrients (not to mention they are also jam-packed with omega-6’s). Attached is a very simple recipe, but I recommend experimenting a bit! Try adding some vanilla extract for dessert dishes.

Find the recipe here:


Like the recipes? Have some to add? Please let me hear them in the comments below!


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