Gluten-free Favorites.

Have you ever heard those jokes about gluten free people always bringing snacks? I’m the one the jokes are about! I never leave home without a snack in my bag. So let me introduce this gluten free blog by telling you about some of my favorite gluten free snacks!


Growing up my younger sister was the only other person I knew with Celiac’s Disease. I was always the only one at play dates and birthday parties with an allergy and other parents didn’t really know what kind of treats they could give me without me getting sick.

Back then grocery stores didn’t have a wide variety of gluten-free snacks like they do today and they were a lot more difficult to find. The one go-to snack at parties or after school was always the same: rice cakes. Sure, they came in a variety of flavors, but it was always the same dry, boring rice cake. I had so many rice cakes growing up that up until just a few weeks ago I could barely look at a rice cake without feeling nauseous.

A few weeks ago I came back to LA after being out of the country for a few months, and I went to the grocery store looking for good snacks. American grocery stores offer a huge variety of snacks, but most of them contain either gluten or a lot of sugar and empty calories than I don’t really want. So I decided to give rice cakes another try, and what a good decision that was! Rice cakes are so incredibly easy to bring with you and by using different spreads or toppings on them you can vary them so much. My favorite spread so far is cashew butter (which by the way goes great on everything from apple slices to bread)! Which, if you have a food processor, is really easy to make yourself at home. The Healthy Foodie offers a great, easy recipe. Another favorite of mine is to top it with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries. Play around with different spreads and toppings to find your favorite and I'm sure you'll appreciate rice cakes too!

Another snack I recently discovered is Greek yogurt. My favorite way of eating it is with frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries and gluten free oat clusters granola from Love Grown Foods. It’s delicious! I put everything in a practical yogurt container which makes is super easy to bring with me everywhere.  

In my bag you will also always find a bag of gluten free pretzel sticks and one or two protein bars. But my all time favorite snack, whether I'm home or on-the-go, will always be fresh berries. Rich in nutrients and absolutely delicious, what could be better?!  

Photo credits:

1. Rice cakes / rice-cake.jpg / Photo by Athena Beldja

2. Greek yogurt with granola / greek+granola.jpg / Photo by Athena Beldja

3. Protein bars / protein-bars.jpg / Photo by Athena Beldja

4. Strawberries and blueberries / berries.jpg / Photo by Athena Beldja



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