Comfort Food

If you’ve heard anything about the south, you probably know about the amazing comfort foods that surround every true southerner. Mac & cheese, biscuits and gravy… the list goes on and on. You might be wondering what southern food has to do with migraines. My mom, who has suffered from migraines for years, always had one go to food when nothing else would suffice.

Mashed potatoes, their warm, comforting and would always hit the spot. This is a true southern dish inside and out. And, of course, if you know me at all, I’m sure you could guess what’s coming next: my version of this classic dish. I like to think of it as a Cali twist on a southern staple.

Instead of using potatoes, I like using cauliflower. When boiled, cauliflower can be pureed into a mixture that is almost identical to mashed potatoes. They are fluffy and creamy, everything you would think of when you hear mashed potatoes. Even the taste is remarkably the same.

As happy as I am about the added nutrients this substitution gives to the dish, there’s one added bonus. All of the base ingredients are completely safe for migraine sufferers! The recipe I like using is from Whole Foods, but just keep in mind that it is completely customizable. Feel free to add different flavors and fun ingredients to make this mashed cauliflower dish even more exciting :)


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