Home Cooked Meals Reduce Risk of High Cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes

photo by dolanh

photo by dolanh

Would you rather pop a pill or change your habits? With over 100 million American Adults suffering from high cholesterol, 70 million suffering from high blood pressure, and almost 30 million with Type 2 Diabetes, it’s obvious that inadequate lifestyle and eating habits are to blame for these illnesses. However, progressive changes can make a huge difference. But, we tend to opt for the easier option: medication, if it’s available.

A recent New York Times article highlights the ever-growing battle of medical and health professionals as the majority of their patients continue to rely solely on prescription pills for illnesses like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Diet and lifestyle changes will promote the best results, even making prescription pills more useful. The Mediterranean Diet specifically has shown to offer the greatest heart-healthy benefits.

In addition, a recent Harvard study made even more claims backing the idea that making healthy changes in your own kitchen is a good idea for your health.

The study shows that eating more homemade meals may reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Those who ate 11-14 meals per week were 13% less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Food from restaurants outside the home tend to favor taste over health, making the food higher in sugar, fat, and salt - the three dietary culprits. Not only that, portion sizes tend to be much larger at restaurants.

So, as we already know, eating healthy meals at home is the way to go to prevent illnesses likes high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes that can lead to heart disease. The worst part? These changes are much easier, and much cheaper than most of us think.

Here are three top tips for making healthy cooking at home, a lot simpler:

#1: Start on the Outskirts of the Grocery Store

We buy a lot of food from the center aisles at the grocery store. This is where majority of packaged, processed, junk food lies. Always start your shopping on the outskirts of the store where the fresh produce, meats, and dairy are. Buy whatever looks the freshest - it’s amazing what you can do with fresh vegetables! 

#2: Prepare Meals on the Weekend

It’s a lot easier to opt out for a restaurant or fast food meals on busy weeknights. Instead, start making double the amounts of weekend meals - (hint: even freshly made pancakes can be frozen and popped in the toaster on a busy morning) and keep or freeze the rest for meals during the week. There are endless healthy recipes out there that are easy and cheap - you can find hundreds in our ContentChecked, SugarChecked, and MigraineChecked apps!

#3: Make Going Out a Treat

Treats are only treats when they happen on occasions, not regularly. When you take your family out to dinner multiple times during the week, it becomes less special than if you did it only once or twice at most. Establish one night as a special treat night, where the whole family goes out to eat. It changes the mindset from going out to eat as the norm, to something more special.