Fast Five Friday: Exercise Your Mind, Calm Your Migraines

Exercise is almost always good for you, about 99.99% of the time subjectively speaking. However, for some people with migraines not all forms of exercise are beneficial. There is good news though, low-impact and static environment exercises may be the answer. We have chosen five exercises that have been shown to lessen the chances of migraines while still working your body intensely enough to stay fit. 


Water Aerobics

It has been found that water aerobics is a great form of exercise for those suffering from migraines. It is low-impact and the water keeps your body at a cool temperature which may help to staunch those migraines as well. The resistance of the water is an added bonus. Just be careful, some migraineurs have reported that chlorine may be a migraine stimulant. So see what works for you, chlorine is not the only option, there is still fresh water and salt water! 

A few exercises that work well are using the kicking with a kick board, lifting with water weights and water running (and/or power walking). 



Keeping your body limber is always a good thing, but stretching may also have an impact upon your migraine health. One of the best ways to do this is through migraine-relieving stretches. Stretching across your body will have an impact, but there are a few specific stretches honing in upon your cranial space. 

Try rotating your neck, pressing your hand against your forehead and applying resistance or shoulder shrugs.

Stationary Cycling

Cycling outside is ideal, exercise outdoors is always better, but sometimes environmental factors may affect migraine sufferers. When there is air pollution or loud noises such as honks and construction, migraines may swoop in for the ride. Even the bumps and jolts of the ride can affect you. To avoid this, but still get the benefits of cycling, try going stationary. Make it exciting by reading or watching the television, better yet, watch a bike race. 



Yoga, of course! The relaxing, less-intense, posh version of exercise. Yoga is not just for those who are high-maintenance, it can be a huge asset for your health, especially if you have migraines. It is relaxing and provides you with a brilliant combination of relaxation, exercise and stretching. Yoga is low-impact and there are few environmental stimuli, and if there is music it is usually tranquil and calming. Try it out today! 


Time of Day and Environment

If you are going to exercise outside try remembering these easy tips. Stay hydrated, work out in the morning (cooler temperatures may help), try to work out in nature (air quality is better and soil is less impact) or on soft floors versus pavement or asphalt.