It's Time to Introduce 2CK On the Go.



ContentChecked Kicks off the New Year with 2CK On the Go featuring New Allergy-friendly Kitchens and Recipes 


Santa Monica January 2015 - After a handful of episodes and shooting at several locations, we have decided that 2CK On the Go required a proper introduction. Therefore, without further ado, we present our latest addition to the ContentChecked suite, 2CK On the Go

The foundations for 2CK commenced in late 2014 when ContentChecked released 2CK with chef and food writer Petrit Husenaj as our host. (The phrase 2CK actually stands for ContentChecked Kitchen). This series focused upon the preparation and discussion of unique, allergy-friendly meals for the holidays. After achieving a successful production of 2CK via the work of filmographer Dylan Avery, ContentChecked decided that there was a niche for another video series. Around the same time as the official YouTube release of 2CK plans were already being made for a second video series called 2CK On the Go. 

The newest series from ContentChecked, 2CK On the Go, will allow viewers to explore a diverse assortment of allergy-friendly kitchens from around Southern California. Host Stephanie Danielson, also featured in 2CK, will explore the culinary landscape of Los Angeles in pursuit of the most allergy-conscious kitchens. From private kitchens to the restaurants, Stephanie will discover interesting recipes from some of the most insightful chefs in the area. Each episode will feature several dishes in which Stephanie will learn a new recipe as she helps bring the recipe to life. 

Our most recent video releases have featured Breakaway Bakery and PALETA. Upcoming episodes will feature ChiaCraft, Lucifer's Pizzeria and Azla Vegan. With more recipes, kitchens and culinary personalities on the way, make sure to stay tuned. We are truly excited to bring this series to all of you and look forward to each upcoming episode, and, of course, each amazing recipe that comes with it! So remember to bring a dash of intrigue, a spoonful of hunger and a pinch of humor to each episode. 

Nut and dairy-free pesto.

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