Retail Recovery: Shopping to Save

Vis-à-vis with Victoria

If you’re anything like me, a trip to the grocery store works like this: grab basket, browse aisles (speeding through the freezing zones of produce and frozen foods), fill up basket, check out. For the most part, I bought my food judging only the quality of the product without even considering the price. Yes, it was a very lousy financial habit. For months I shopped like this, spending the majority of my modest college budget on expensive food from the wrong grocery stores. Of course, we can chalk it up to general naivete - afterall, I was (and still am) just a student. However, no matter what point you are at in life or the size of your budget, having financial awareness and spending wisely is a valuable practice, and a lot easier than most may think.

So, in order to shop smart at the grocery store, I keep a few simple things in mind:

  1. Go in with a list, and a purpose. The easiest way to waste cash is by buying food you don’t need or won’t eat before it spoils. When you make a list, keep in mind the timeframe in which you’re shopping for, and compare that to the best-buy dates of everything you buy.

  2. Check the date. Most stores order their food on the shelves by “first in first out” meaning they put the oldest products in the front, newest products in the back. Take advantage of the freshest products by comparing the best buy dates on products on the front verses products towards the back of shelves.

  3. Pay attention to prices at different stores. One of the biggest rookie mistakes I made was buying everything I needed at a grocery store that was really only known for their cheap fresh produce. Everything else, from meat to cereal was drastically overpriced. Stopping at the supermarket across the way saved me an average of $25 per trip!

The bottom line is, whether you’re a mother with four kids, a bachelor, or a busy college student, the grocery store is a great place save some extra cash by shopping smart. And as the season of spending comes to a close in these next couple weeks, shopping to save is the first step to financial rehabilitation.



Almond Butter & Maple Syrup Shake

    -1 cup nonfat greek yogurt

    -2 scoops whey protein powder

    -2-4 packets of stevia

    -½ tsp maple extract

    -2 tbsp AB or Almond Flour

1 tb slax seeds (optional)

-water or almond milk (as desired)

-almonds to garnish


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