Eat Mindfully and Find Balance


Merry Christmas. In many parts of the world, like Sweden where I am in this moment, December 24th is the big night for gifts and festivities. Nonetheless, what most nationalities have in common for tonight and tomorrow night is of course FOOD. Here are some reasons to slow down the pace of eating to increase the pleasure of the act and find balance.

Food is pleasure! And hear me when I say: the more you enjoy it, the better it is for you. Now you’re thinking “excuse me?”. I am talking about the enjoyment itself - and not the size of the plate.

Careless eating is becoming a problematic habit of modern living. For many, breakfast or lunch means: grab N’ go (and then stuff it while reading emails or checking FB). We would enjoy more with some inspiration from the Italians who traditionally make food a beautiful ritual of living, not merely an activity of replacing a sensation of hunger with a sensation of being full.

People tend to overeat of a diverse number of reasons that aren’t hunger-related: for emotional comfort, social pressure, to relieve stress or simply out of boredom. If you feel that your “food-life” is not ultimate, becoming mindful of your food and your mind’s reactions around food will help you regain a healthy relationship with food and eating.

Take a look at your eating behavior. One of the most popular themes in Nutrition research today is a becoming the science of eating behavior. It’s has been shown that how we eat determines more of our health than we think. Overweight over-eaters are being effectively treated by following a natural eating curve. In similar fashion, anorexia is being cured this way. It’s fascinating how well it works.

Taste each bite. However your relationship with food, these days when you are seated at a table of goodies, let awareness of smell, taste, and sight take a greater role. Turn off the TV and spend some time with your food. Notice more and enjoy more. Naturally, you will eat slower and your body will be grateful for it.

Bon Appetite!

Next week: Detoxing that works.



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