ContentChecked Addresses Cross-contact Labeling.

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ContentChecked is Focusing Resources to Improve Quality of Scanning Accessibility and Functionality in "Part Two" of Launch Phase

Santa Monica December 2014 - ContentChecked has issued a formal response to the SnackSafely blog review of ContentChecked, published 12.09.14.

As a company currently in Beta phase, we thank SnackSafely for their engagement with ContentChecked and for pointing out ways we can better serve our users. As organizations, we, ContentChecked and SnackSafely, share the ultimate common goal to make the lives of all those living with food allergies easier by making ingredient information more accessible and transparent.

Currently, the ContentChecked app covers 68% (soon 80%) of all conventional food products, helping the majority of families suffering from food allergies to make faster decisions while shopping. Also, it is important to note that we have identified hundreds of allergen ingredient names that are unknown for the average consumer in our attempts to make the process easier and more transparent for families suffering from food allergies. This has been “Step 1” in our evolution, which is to make life easier for as many people as possible of the 15 million people suffering from food allergies today.

”Step 2” of our growth, a fundamental part of ContentChecked’s mission, is tackling the challenge of including accurate cross-contact information. As you know, this challenge is so great that even the FDA itself has not been able to provide clear guidelines for this group of consumers. Unfortunately, current labeling laws do not require manufacturers to declare their manufacturing practices. Bottom line: more complete information needs to be available. As a result, in addition to our coverage of conventional food products, we are building relationships with allergy friendly food producers who provide us with fully transparent manufacturing information. Today we ensure the products of more than 70 manufacturers (a constantly growing number).

Currently, with all products where we attain manufacturing information about cross contact we categorize these products and warn our users that the product may contain “traces of”. In order to take this a step further we want to notify users of products that have undergone further investigation and can be verified as produced in allergen free facilities. Our first step is for Peanuts, Tree-nuts & Shellfish. This feature will be live in the app no later than end of January.

Moreover, as part of “Step 2,” we are organizing an extensive affirmation process to ensure the most accurate database we can possibly provide. By mid-February we will have validated the products in our database to include even more comprehensive cross-contact information. Something that has never been properly done by any other organization to date. In order to have up-to-date and accurate information, we will revisit this rather costly procedure on multiple occasions during the coming years. The work is doing in this area is extremely valuable, and we warmly welcome more collaborative efforts to address any possible concerns.

Although this is a very large undertaking, we hope that our consumers will support us through this time and realize that ContentChecked is constantly attempting to improve, and that by the end of the process, we hope to become the most reliable food allergy resource that we can possibly be.

In the case that our consumers do find an inconsistency while we are refining our database, we will encourage them to notify us as soon as possible so we can make a quick adjustment. We already have product feedback tools setup in the app, and we are daily getting user generated improvements, something we think in the long run will be very valuable for the food allergy community. With this in mind, we will continue to make quality-based changes as we work to improve our database.

Finally, we would like to say we know that to the food allergy community, food safety is the primary concern. And by translation, because we offer a service to the food allergy community, this is our main priority as well.

We thank you for voicing your concern. These issues are critical to our development and service to our users, which we take very seriously. In addition to all of the initiatives mentioned above, we have also taken certain precautions to make it more clear to users that we are still in Beta phase, our official launch is scheduled for February, and are constantly adding categories and products to our database. And please, we ask that if you do find any more inconsistencies in the future, that you notify us again. We look forward to the possibility of working together in the near future.



We appreciate the support of our community and we welcome feedback from all sources. It is situations like these that help to define and develop ContentChecked as an app and as a reliable resource to the millions of Americans who suffer from food allergies. 


ContentChecked, West Hollywood, CA, United States